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My interest in the world of visual arts began with the desire to create & capture meaningful stories & moments. If I'm able to draw in an audience, for even a second, I have the ability to captivate and influence the world. My work has consisted of projects centered around general themes and ideas, such as places, people, events, etc.

Every captivating video starts with a single frame. I've recently made strides to improve this element of my work. I embrace urban-exploring and modern portrait techniques to produce my photography. I shoot with a micro four thirds system and edit using Adobe programs (Lightroom & Photoshop)

The past two years my content has consisted heavily of journalistic reporting of events and news for Blue Springs South High School. This work is produced for the school's news broadcast, JagTV, which can be seen on YouTube, or local AT&T Uverse 99 or Comcast 15 Channels. My work immerses me in my community, keeps me updated and connects me with others.

Although my experience with graphic production is minimal, I've currently been constructing panoramic advertisement for the Blue Springs School District's Score Vision scoreboards. These graphics fulfill sponsorship agreements by continuously playing during sporting events. 

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